Atholhurst Intervention, Multi Educational and Home Schooling Centre                                                                  


Atholhurst has always utilised the three term option and based the option on the calendar issued by ISASA

2018 Calendar

Term 1

School opens      08h00     Wednesday 17 January

Half-term            11h00     Thursday 1 March

                          08h00     Tuesday 6 March

School closes       11h00     Wednesday 11 April

Public holidays     Wednesday 21 March               

                           Human Rights Day      

                          Friday 30 March                          

                          Good Friday

                          Monday 2 April                             

                          Family Day

Term 2

School opens      08h00     Wednesday 2 May

Half-term            11h00     Friday 22 June

                          08h00     Monday 2 July

School closes       11h00     Friday 3 August

Public holidays     Saturday 16 June                    

                          Youth Day

Term 3

School opens      08h00     Tuesday 4 September

Half-term            11h00     Thursday 18 October

                          08h00     Tuesday 23 October

School closes       11h00     Thursday 6 December

Public holidays     Monday 24 September

                          Heritage Day


based on the latest ISASA/SAHISA calendar